Moving out? Small Boxes and Large Boxes, Mattress Boxes, and Mirror boxes… Don’t Get Confused, Check Out What’s Best for Your Stuff

Whether it’s a new home, a new job, or a better neighborhood, there are always good reasons for a move. This makes each move unique and really exciting. It’s a chance to change things up for the better, replace the dusty and worn with a new and improved version. An opportunity to turn back from the past and start anew. While it can be enjoyable for some people, it can become a real headache. After all, there are very many things to take care of during a move, and usually more questions than answers. A complaint that arises often is that there are too many types of boxes, and their usage is unclear. Where should the TV go? How about the fine china? Which items require their own boxes, and which are fine to pack together? The resulting confusion can get your head spinning, or even worse – give you decision paralysis for fear of making the wrong choice.

   But don’t worry, this article is here to help you make the right packing choices. Here you will find tips on how to pack your stuff according to size, fragility, and weight, among many other considerations. We will also discuss some budget moving boxes and possible solutions you may not have considered yet.

   Your first step should be to take stock of what exactly you will be moving. Make a mental list of all the things you will need to move, along with any special considerations for them. Things to pay attention to are fragile items, electronics, large items, decorations, and collectibles. These are among the most common items to be damaged during the move and, as such, are more deserving of having special care and attention paid to them.

   Next, browse your local shopping outlet’s selection of boxes and see if they match up to your needs. There usually are sets of boxes specially designed for moving specific areas of your house, such as the kitchen or the living room. If you find a set that seems to match up to your needs and it’s affordable, you should get it, that’s a great way to get budget moving boxes since getting them in bulk cuts costs significantly to buying them piece by piece. If not, then you may have to pick out appropriate boxes by yourself, by taking an exact measure of all of your items and comparing them to the proposed sizes. This becomes especially important when it comes to moving mirrors, beds, and pianos. In essence, their irregular shapes and weights can become a big issue unless the right sized boxes are chosen, which also takes into account the necessary padding volume.

   The types of boxes to use may not always be intuitive either – for example, for heavy lifting use as small a box as you can find and stash all of your lighter belongings in larger boxes. Make sure to take into account the necessary padding requirements for each box, too, in terms of the extra space it will occupy.

   Alternatively, the cheapest way to move furniture long distance, in the long run, is to hire a moving company that will handle this for you. While it may initially seem better to pack all of your boxes by yourself, the truth is that there are a lot of associated costs. These costs are in terms of valuable time and stress. There can also be unexpected, hidden costs due to a lack of tools or know-how. And the consequences of a lousy packing job can be disastrous.

   The best solution is to leave it to the professionals. They are insured, experienced, and also make their living by guaranteeing that your possessions get where they need to safely. Many moving companies offer packing services for very reasonable rates and handle the entire process under your direct guidance and supervision. This makes most moves significantly more relaxed, since packing boxes is often one of the biggest hurdles.