Brazilians Emerged As The Winner In The Final Of Star Sailors League

The finals of Star Sailors League which held for 5 days in which 25 elite teams participated finally concluded with the Brazilian crew emerged as victorious. They became the winner of this tournament for the 2nd time in the history of this league. But this time they were not the choice of the bookies.

Legend of Olympic Robert Scheidt and Henry Boening were the first choices of the books and everyone expected them to be the winner. The last four days of rounds of qualifier was dominated by both of them which was held on Bay of Montagu. But on the final day, Pedro Trouche and Jorge Zarif managed to turn the tides and won each and every stage of knock-out rounds to win the title and take it away from the Olympic legends.

Zarif and Trouche are 26 and 27 years old, the former, who is the reigning Champion of Star World and winner of Finn gold cup, 2013 and Trouche, became the first crew less than 40 years of age, to win the annual and final event that is supposed to determine the apex “star” of sailing’s world.

Zarif admitted that “they were surprised by the kind of dominance they had over others because the competition was very tough. We gave our best today and tried to give our 100%, pumping and hiking throughout the competition without any rest definitely made enough difference. We are privileged to be at this position and it is a privilege to beat those world champions.”The event today started under an overcast condition for the top ten spots. They were compelled to move the course inside the bay because of the brisk easterly gusting at many times to around 20 knots.