Are Quesadillas Healthy Food Option?

The Quesadillas prepared by adding lots of cheese filling is a dish that one can not resist. The tasty and craving taste of Quesadillas left the health-conscious people whether it is healthy to consume it or not. Following a diet does not mean leaving behind your tastes and interests. Avoiding unhealthy foods is good but do not compromise with taste or your cravings. Healthy eating restaurants such as offers food options that are tastier as well as healthier. Look for the features that make the Quesadillas of the healthy eating restaurants full of nutrients.

Adding fibrous mushrooms

The Quesadillas filling can be prepared with mushrooms that are full of fibers and other vital nutrients. The high fiber content will reduce the increasing hunger and is a major factor in supporting a weight loss diet. Mushrooms are toothsome and will leave you eating more vegetables on your plate.

Wheat flour base

Many restaurants have an option of a quesadilla base prepared out of wheat flour. They do not use unhealthy white flour for preparing its base. Wheat flour is fibrous and has more nutrients and minerals. It will work as a good substitute for a nutritional day meal. The wheat flour base does not taste much different than the white flour base. In fact, the creativity and expertise of the chefs by experimenting with the food ingredients have left the food lovers more in love with the wheat flour-based quesadillas.

Reduce Calorie Content

Reducing the content of cheese and high fats in the dish will help in reducing the overall calorie intake from the dish. Ask the food server to double triple the layer of veggies. It will help in increasing the nutritional content of the dish. Preparing the Quesadillas in the Mexican style will reduce the calorie content to half. Mexican preparation of a dish includes preparing to saute chopped vegetables.

Substituting Cheese

Though the foundation of Quesadillas is cheese. But to make your dish healthier, it can be substituted with grilled vegetables and cream sauce. Adding mayonnaise will also reduce the calorie intake. Caramelized onion, cloves, and corn will add a different and unique taste to the whole dish. The unique combination of super nutritional corns and other veggies will make you leave you crazy to order it again.

Chefs are trying their hands on making the Quesadillas healthier and tastier. Experimenting with different healthy and organic food ingredients to make it super nutritious and delicious.