The perfect Christmas Party

It’s the biggest work night of the year. Whatever industry you find yourself in, everyone lets their hair down at the Christmas party. In the days and weeks leading up to the event, the gossip starts to spread like wildfire. Who did what last year? Which director was carried out legless… who was sick in the taxi on the way home, and who fell down the stairs drunk only to pass out at the end….

These things may be remembered first and foremost, but then coming in a close second is the actual venue. If it was dingy; with awful food and rubbish entertainment it’s always going to be remembered as a shocker. The person who picked it will forever be denounced as the worst party planner ever. Oh yes, they should’ve hired a Christmas party marquee!

But this year the job has fallen on your shoulders. What do you do? Leave it to the last minute and end up with a worse venue than last year, cheese and pineapple on a stick (in fairness, most people like this, but it’s not really appropriate is it?) and the worst band in the area. Nice one, well done – you should be proud. Christmas party venue hire Manchester and in other big cities is always really competitive, so you need to get in early. That’s why we’re telling you now.

It’s time to do it properly. You never know it could even benefit your career, as well as your social standing in the company. So, here’s what you do.

Think about everyone else

If you work in an informal, dress down office you probably have one suit that gets an outing at weddings and funerals. This is you though, and it’s not just for you. Most people – especially the women in your office – like to dress up. Christmas is the perfect time to do this. It’s a special night. Pick a venue a little out of the ordinary where a little dressing up is required. If you pull it off, think of the credit you’ll get in the office.

Many Christmas party venues offer a black tie event, full of glitz and glamour. Guests will receive a complimentary drink on arrival, live entertainment and a three course meal. If you’ve got a little budget to play with, why not go all out with an event like this?

A package or a bespoke event

If the powers that be are more on the stingy side, but they’re still expecting you to pull off the event of the year, you’ve got a big job on. Do you try and get the best package for your money or do you get a little more creative and plan the individual elements yourself?

If you’re thinking of planning it yourself obviously you need to find a venue. Of course a bar or restaurant is always good; but don’t just go for the pub down the road. Think of the type of company it is as well as the age and personalities of the senior staff – what would they think is appropriate? Ask yourself whether a formal sit down meal would be best or more of an informal buffet; and can you source some quality entertainment on your own? Find out who in the company has some contacts and use them to your advantage. It may take a little more planning, but if you pull it off it could really be worth it.

It’s not the easiest job in the world, but we know you can do it.