PostHeaderIcon Moving out? Small Boxes and Large Boxes, Mattress Boxes, and Mirror boxes… Don’t Get Confused, Check Out What’s Best for Your Stuff

Whether it’s a new home, a new job, or a better neighborhood, there are always good reasons for a move. This makes each move unique and really exciting. It’s a chance to change things up for the better, replace the dusty and worn with a new and improved version. An opportunity to turn back from the past and start anew. While it can be enjoyable for some people, it can become a real headache. After all, there are very many things to take care of during a move, and usually more questions than answers. A complaint that arises often is that there are too many types of boxes, and their usage is unclear. Where should the TV go? How about the fine china? Which items require their own boxes, and which are fine to pack together? The resulting confusion can get your head spinning, or even worse – give you decision paralysis for fear of making the wrong choice.

   But don’t worry, this article is here to help you make the right packing choices. Here you will find tips on how to pack your stuff according to size, fragility, and weight, among many other considerations. We will also discuss some budget moving boxes and possible solutions you may not have considered yet.

   Your first step should be to take stock of what exactly you will be moving. Make a mental list of all the things you will need to move, along with any special considerations for them. Things to pay attention to are fragile items, electronics, large items, decorations, and collectibles. These are among the most common items to be damaged during the move and, as such, are more deserving of having special care and attention paid to them.

   Next, browse your local shopping outlet’s selection of boxes and see if they match up to your needs. There usually are sets of boxes specially designed for moving specific areas of your house, such as the kitchen or the living room. If you find a set that seems to match up to your needs and it’s affordable, you should get it, that’s a great way to get budget moving boxes since getting them in bulk cuts costs significantly to buying them piece by piece. If not, then you may have to pick out appropriate boxes by yourself, by taking an exact measure of all of your items and comparing them to the proposed sizes. This becomes especially important when it comes to moving mirrors, beds, and pianos. In essence, their irregular shapes and weights can become a big issue unless the right sized boxes are chosen, which also takes into account the necessary padding volume.

   The types of boxes to use may not always be intuitive either – for example, for heavy lifting use as small a box as you can find and stash all of your lighter belongings in larger boxes. Make sure to take into account the necessary padding requirements for each box, too, in terms of the extra space it will occupy.

   Alternatively, the cheapest way to move furniture long distance, in the long run, is to hire a moving company that will handle this for you. While it may initially seem better to pack all of your boxes by yourself, the truth is that there are a lot of associated costs. These costs are in terms of valuable time and stress. There can also be unexpected, hidden costs due to a lack of tools or know-how. And the consequences of a lousy packing job can be disastrous.

   The best solution is to leave it to the professionals. They are insured, experienced, and also make their living by guaranteeing that your possessions get where they need to safely. Many moving companies offer packing services for very reasonable rates and handle the entire process under your direct guidance and supervision. This makes most moves significantly more relaxed, since packing boxes is often one of the biggest hurdles.

PostHeaderIcon Choose The Best House Cleaning Services In And Around Calgary

Residences always require the professionals touch to maintain the home in a spotless fashion. There are numerous cleaning services available in different sizes ranging from national level cleaners to the local family owned establishment. If you live in a city like Calgary, you have a lot of services to choose from. The best way to narrow down the field is to first understand your requirements. You can make a list of items that are essential to you and a list of items that is desirable. You can collect the details about different cleaning services in your neighbourhood and test them to see if it matches your requirements.

Certain factors to determine cleaning services

There are few factors that should be necessarily considered before you decide on hiring a cleaning service.

  • When someone hires a cleaning service, reliability is often the top factor that is considered. The company has to have a good reputation of adhering to certain standards.
  • The cost charged by the trust worthy cleaning services varies greatly from one company to the other. Some companies will offer you better rates if you book well in advance and also if you book cleaning services in a regular schedule.
  • The schedule offered by the cleaning service should be comfortable to you. If you want to clean the entire house in a short time, you can ask for multiple cleaners to be made available to you so that the process will get completed quickly.
  • Booking a service has to be easy and fast. Most of the cleaning companies including house cleaners Calgary offer quick and easy online booking. When you book online, you will also be able to cancel or reschedule the appointments online.
  • Few cleaning companies accept payments only through cash and many other service providers offer a host of payment methods. In some cases, it is possible to give your card details when booking the service online and the service amount will be charged on the day the cleaning activity was completed.

Certain points to remember about cleaning services

Once you have hired a trust worthy cleaning service and the cleaners have arrived in your house for cleaning, you have to ensure that everything works according to your expectations. If you are particular about using organic or green cleaning products, you can let the cleaners know about it. You should remember that the first cleaning always takes more time than the repetitive sessions and factor the time accordingly. Most of the present day companies like house cleaners Calgary will give you an estimate of the expected time before any kind of cleaning commences. 

PostHeaderIcon The perfect Christmas Party

It’s the biggest work night of the year. Whatever industry you find yourself in, everyone lets their hair down at the Christmas party. In the days and weeks leading up to the event, the gossip starts to spread like wildfire. Who did what last year? Which director was carried out legless… who was sick in the taxi on the way home, and who fell down the stairs drunk only to pass out at the end….

These things may be remembered first and foremost, but then coming in a close second is the actual venue. If it was dingy; with awful food and rubbish entertainment it’s always going to be remembered as a shocker. The person who picked it will forever be denounced as the worst party planner ever. Oh yes, they should’ve hired a Christmas party marquee!

But this year the job has fallen on your shoulders. What do you do? Leave it to the last minute and end up with a worse venue than last year, cheese and pineapple on a stick (in fairness, most people like this, but it’s not really appropriate is it?) and the worst band in the area. Nice one, well done – you should be proud. Christmas party venue hire Manchester and in other big cities is always really competitive, so you need to get in early. That’s why we’re telling you now.

It’s time to do it properly. You never know it could even benefit your career, as well as your social standing in the company. So, here’s what you do.

Think about everyone else

If you work in an informal, dress down office you probably have one suit that gets an outing at weddings and funerals. This is you though, and it’s not just for you. Most people – especially the women in your office – like to dress up. Christmas is the perfect time to do this. It’s a special night. Pick a venue a little out of the ordinary where a little dressing up is required. If you pull it off, think of the credit you’ll get in the office.

Many Christmas party venues offer a black tie event, full of glitz and glamour. Guests will receive a complimentary drink on arrival, live entertainment and a three course meal. If you’ve got a little budget to play with, why not go all out with an event like this?

A package or a bespoke event

If the powers that be are more on the stingy side, but they’re still expecting you to pull off the event of the year, you’ve got a big job on. Do you try and get the best package for your money or do you get a little more creative and plan the individual elements yourself?

If you’re thinking of planning it yourself obviously you need to find a venue. Of course a bar or restaurant is always good; but don’t just go for the pub down the road. Think of the type of company it is as well as the age and personalities of the senior staff – what would they think is appropriate? Ask yourself whether a formal sit down meal would be best or more of an informal buffet; and can you source some quality entertainment on your own? Find out who in the company has some contacts and use them to your advantage. It may take a little more planning, but if you pull it off it could really be worth it.

It’s not the easiest job in the world, but we know you can do it.

PostHeaderIcon Tips on How to Make Your Living Room Look Bigger

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The living room is unarguably the most frequently used room in the average home – after all, there’s a reason why it’s called the “LIVING” room. For a lot of people it’s the place they spend a lot of their down time, the place they spend time as a family, and some of the time it even replaces the dining room as the place where meals are shared and enjoyed. That being said, we could even agree that it’s in fact the most important room in the house. That being said, it’s undoubtedly the place where we need the most space – but what if we’re not lucky enough to have high ceilings and spacious floorspace? If this is the case, here is how to optimise the space you already have in your living room, and make it look bigger.

Start with a Light and Neutral Base

A piece of advice you’re likely to be given when selling your house fast, is to ensure the walls are painted a light and neutral colour – such as different shades of cream or stone. One of the reasons for this is because it provides potential buyers with a blank canvas, which enables them to picture their own décor and furniture in the space, without your own personal style infringing on their thoughts. The other, is because it optimises space – and space sells.

Light, bright walls are reflective, which means when you allow light into the space whether that be natural or artificial, the light bounces off them, and gives the appearance of a bigger and brighter room. Unlike light coloured walls, darkly painted walls will be likely to do the complete opposite, and absorb the light making the room look smaller and darker.

You could even try taking this a step further, and painting your wall trimmings an even lighter shade than the walls. This will help to expand the visual space in the room, and will make it look more open. The great thing about the neutral and light base, is with it you can afford to accessorise with colours and patterns, not to the detriment of the appearance of the size of the room.

Let the Light in

The more light you let into a space, the more light there is to reflect.

That being said, let the light into your living room! If you’re lucky enough to have a large window that faces the sun, get your curtains open and fill the room. Not only will it give the illusion of a bigger room, but it’ll also warm up the space, meaning even on a cold and bright day you won’t have to turn your heating up as high. Result.

If you’re not lucky enough to have big windows with wonderful views, then don’t panic, because there are ways you can give the room the same effect. Start off by investing in some good lighting, whether that be overhead or lamps. Likewise, jazz your window up with flowers and plants and perhaps even a new pair of light silk curtains. These small things make a big difference.

Get Rid of Clutter

In Japanese culture, the minimalist teaching of “one in, one out” is rife. Very simply put, minimalism is the simple act of not overcrowding your space with furniture and belongings in order to make the most of it. The rules of “one in, one out” are very simple. If you get a new piece of furniture, get rid of an old one. Simple.

You don’t have to literally practice the art of minimalism in order to cut the clutter from your space. The longer you live in a place, the more rubbish you’re likely to accumulate. If you’ve got things you don’t need or use lying around a room, they’re taking up unnecessary space, so in order to optimise the space you do have it’s important to have a thorough declutter. You’ll feel cleansed afterwards!

Cleverly Place Your Mirrors

The final and potentially most effective tool when it comes to optimising space, are mirrors.

When placed strategically, mirrors can entirely transform a space. Not only do they reflect the light, but the overall room itself, giving it the illusion sometimes of being double its actual size.

A top tip to follow, is placing your mirror near a window. It doesn’t matter if you have the best view in the world or not – the mirror will reflect the outdoors and make your living room feel more open and airy. 

PostHeaderIcon How to select the best location for your AC in living room?

When choosing to install AC in your home the cheaper option is to choose a Wall Mounted AC system as opposed to a ducted AC. Ducted AC has the benefit of having the vents hidden in the ceiling or floor boards. When installed by a professional such as you can achieve perfect air all year round. However ducted aircon is more expensive than a wall mounted unit. If budget is a concern to you then this article will help you find the best location for your new wall mounted AC.

Wall mounted air conditioners

Locating an indoor wall mounted AC always seems to be so confusing. Position of the split AC you have in your room matters a lot for many things like cooling. The positioning of the AC in your room can be tricky sometimes. The following mentioned are some of the details for you to help achieve the perfect installation of your split system AC.

  • Locate the air conditioner unit away from the places from where it can be exposed to heat. Heat sources can harm the working of your air conditioner. A lot of appliances in your room can be a source of heat like kitchenware, and exposure to sunlight is also a source of heat. Locating the air conditioner somewhere near the heat sources can affect the cooling of the AC you have just bought. 
  • Locate your Air conditioner where nothing can cause an interruption to the airflow coming from the AC unit. This means that you shouldn’t locate the AC somewhere behind the door or the furniture as the interrupted airflow can impact the durability of your AC negatively. 
  • Locate your air conditioner at a proper height so that it doesn’t block the ways neither it is too high on the location that impacts the cooling temperature of the room. The located height of your AC should be about 7 feet from the ground level, especially when you have a split AC. 
  • You must try to locate your air conditioner away from any type of electrical appliances sp that the AC doesn’t start making unnecessary troubles. 
  • Always try installing your AC at the central position of your room. It’s better to keep the distance of 3-5 feet from the primary points too so that it can match with the size and the shape of the room the AC is installed in. 

Place AC on the longer wall

This is a pro tip for you to consider while placing your AC in the living room. You should install the AC on a comparatively longer wall as it impacts the cooling level in the room in a positive way. Placing the air conditioner on a longer wall will let the air flow normally across all the walls. 

Preferable AC locations

Usually, a room can have more than one opening, and in that case, the best place you can place a split AC unit is on a plain wall rather than on the walls having opportunities on them. If you have placed your AC on the walls having openings on them, this will let the AC consume more power, and yet your compressor needs to work more to increase the cooling levels in the room. 

AC locations for long rooms

If you want to install your AC in a rectangular room that has the walls twice large than the average width, you should try placing the AC on a wall comparatively smaller partition of the room as it’s a better way to save the ample space of that particular room. 

Furniture layout and AC placement

Usually, the AC is located on the central spaces of the living room rather than in the center of the wall. This is the best way to match your air conditioner’s placement with the furniture layout in your living room.

PostHeaderIcon Top Tips for Decorating Your Sitting Room

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It’s true, they do say that the kitchen is the heart of the home – but the sitting room is without doubt, where all the action goes down. Sometimes it’s literally referred to as the “living” room, because this is where the family will tend to do a lot of their living. Think about it, birthday presents will be opened here, family parties will be held in here, and even those cosy family nights cuddled up on the sofa will be in the sitting room. We’ve established that it’s one of the most important rooms in the house, and it’s the place that’ll be host to a LOT of memories, but what if you’re feeling like changing up the décor? If you are, then here are some top tips on how to best decorate your sitting room.

Choose the Right Furniture

More and more people are struggling to shift their homes off the market. In recent property news, it’s been shown that it could be harder to sell your home on the average property market now more than ever. Although they say it’s a buyers’ market in countries like the UK where they’re in uproar with political uncertainty surrounding Brexit people are becoming less likely to invest in property at current, it’s sad but true.

This is why, now more than ever, it’s crucially important to show off your rooms to the best of their ability – not only if you’re selling, but especially if you’re selling. The reason we’re talking about this here, is because the sitting room is one of the main furniture-heavy rooms in the house, and the one that families will look at instantly.

With all of that in mind, it’s crucial that you’re choosing the right furniture for your sitting room. If you’re redecorating a good place to start is by stepping back and taking a look at what it is you already own, then deciding what is looking a bit tired and has to go, and what is fine to stay. Remember that the sofa in your sitting room is like the bed in your bedroom – without it, the room really lacks purpose. If you are going to splash out on something lavish for the sitting room, make it the sofa! After that you can accessorise it with coffee tables, units, shelves and mirrors to your heart’s content! The furniture you choose has the power to maximise or minimise the size of your living room to the naked eye, so be mindful of what you choose, and how you place it. It really is what makes or breaks a room.

Have a Focal Point

Choosing a focal point for your living room is crucial in tying the room together. Although some people are lucky to have a built in focal point, such as big statement period windows, others aren’t. This is where you have to make the focal point yourself.

This could be anything, from your sofa, to a grand mirror, to a statement piece of artwork. Whatever it is, it needs to stand out, and be put in a place in the room that can be easily seen upon entering. If we’re talking about selling a home, whether that be literally to a buyer or trying to impress your guests, the first thing you’ll want them to notice when they walk into the main room is the focal point. It’s the “piece de resistance” of the furniture world, if you like.

Choose an Appropriate Colour Pallett

Of course, when choosing how to decorate, colour is usually one of the first things you consider.

Neutral colours just don’t seem to be going out of fashion, and they lend themselves particularly well to sitting rooms. Not only do they give the space an overall tranquil vibe, but they also optimise your space, and give you total free reign with the rest of your décor. This means you’re flexible to change your colour scheme through accessories and furniture as you please!

Lighting is Everything

Last of all, but potentially most importantly, remember that lighting is everything.

Through the day, it’s important that your sitting area is well lit, so it can be seen in all of it’s glory. However, on an evening, it’s a better idea to set the mood with numerous lamps, candles and other lighting accessories. 

As well as this, remember to allow the natural light to enter the room. Don’t block your windows with furniture – let the sun shine in! It makes all of the difference, and it naturally heats the room. Result.

PostHeaderIcon How To Pick The Best Cargo Storage Container?

How To Pick The Best Cargo Storage Container?


Getting a storage container can solve a lot of storage problems you have, that’s for sure. Having one in your ownership is great mostly because depending on the size, they can store entire buildings of furniture. 

However, it’s not easy to pick the best one there is. On the market, you’ll find lots of containers for different prices. The reason for this diversity lies in lots of factors that you must know before ordering one. In this article, we’ll talk about most of them. If you want to learn more about this, read on!

Old vs New

New containers are almost impossible to find unless you live in China. Over 97% of all the pieces in the world are made there. To get to the States, they must do that one trip which significantly lower their price. 

Of course, getting to the States unsealed doesn’t mean they are not good. On the contrary, they are excellent. That’s why the price of these brand new or one-trip containers is much higher than the ones that are labeled as used.

The used ones or the old ones are more affordable but you need to have a lot of skills and knowledge in the subject to be sure if they are good for you. A standard container lasts up to 25 years so you have to make an assessment of how much time they have. Learn more about shipping containers on this page.

Aside from this, getting a used one is an excellent deal if it seems like a well-kept item. In order to know this, you must inspect the element with your bare eyes and find flaws.  


Yes, used ones mean nothing until you see how much they’ve been used. You can find a container that had just 2-3 trips but sank in the shores of a sea and was taken out, and you can find a piece that had 30 safe trips and looks like it only needs a little paint job.

Knowing that these things travel around the world by sea, it’s clear that they face a lot of weather changes and suffer from all kinds of conditions. All-day sun shining on their paint job and then being splashed from high waves of salt seawater. All this can bring some catastrophically damages after a long time. 

Walking past the container and not finding any holes in it means it’s most probably in good condition. Even if you find some small spots you can consider it okay. Depending on the use you’re planning, these holes might not be of great importance. 


There are two types considering the material they are made of – steel and aluminum. The aluminum ones are less durable but also a lot more affordable and lightweight. You can use them for temporary solutions and transporting on closer distances. 

The steel ones are a lot more durable. All of those that are meant to be transported through the sea are made of steel. The reason for this is that steel is one of the most durable materials and can put up with the big differences in the temperatures and weather conditions in different parts of the world. 

If you’re planning to buy a container in which you’ll live, it’s best if you get a steel one. Getting another material that will be damaged after a while is okay if you plan to keep some personal belongings inside, but it’s not okay if you plan to live inside. Just imagine what will happen when the rain starts falling and the ceiling starts pouring in the living room.  


Did you know that there are different sizes of shipping containers? Starting from the small ones that a lot of transport companies use as an addition to their everyday trucks and up to 40 feet monsters being transported globally. 

It’s highly important to know what you need and what you’re going to use this for. If you have a 30-feet yard and you want a backyard playhouse you can’t buy a 40-feet piece, right? On the other hand, if you own a business and you need your stock being transported from one coast to the other no matter if we’re talking about land or water, you need the proper item.

If you have a lot of stock, it will be much wiser to get the biggest there is and get everything inside in one load instead of getting a cheap one and do the same 2 or 3 times. If you don’t know where to look, try this link:

Shipping cost

It’s not just saving money when getting a container. There are lots of other expenses afterward. One of them surely is the shipping cost. If you want it on a certain location and you don’t own a huge 50-feet truck you’ll need to rent one and get it there. 

Doing this by yourself is incredibly hard. You need special permits and the driving this kind of truck is amazingly hard. So, try to buy one from a company that is as close as possible to you. This way you’ll save a lot on transport.


After purchase costs

Getting a container that’s in good shape will still need a few repairs like doing a simple paint over. Most of them are previously owned by big companies that no longer need them. All of them had brands and company logos and colors that you might not like. 

Getting rid of this means doing a paint job on them. You’d say that this is nothing special, but can you imagine how big a 40-feet item is? It’s a whole building. It is an investment on its own. Of course, if you don’t mind how it looks, you can leave it like that.

Also, fixing some minor damages will be mandatory too. Don’t expect to find a 100% perfect used container. After all, these things went through a lot of ports and so many workers dealt with them. None of them was too cautious. Be sure about this.

PostHeaderIcon Why You Should Hire A Cleaning Service Today!

Many people make the resolution to become cleaner, more organized and eco-conscious. It’s a shame that very few homeowners and business owners take advantage of the benefits a clean environment has to offer. Don’t become that person that puts off cleaning until later! The right cleaning services can help get your life back on track and make your space more productive.

Clear Your Agenda And Focus On Productivity!

Try as you might, you may not have the time or inclination to deep clean your property. Whether you prefer lounging poolside on your days off or you wish to participate in extreme decluttering, the right cleaning services can enhance your way of life. A helping hand can clear your schedule and allow you to focus on your chosen tasks.

Many people are much too busy to get anything done, but by delegating and outsourcing tasks, you can make the most of your time. As an added bonus, many house cleaners can also help you declutter your space and get more organized!

Enjoy Your Space Again

When you head home from work, the first thing you want to do is relax and unwind. With a messy bedroom and unclean surroundings, you just feel overwhelmed. The pull to clean may present itself, but without energy, you will put it off for another day.

Cleaning companies like Lighthouse Cleaning Services work together with you on a schedule to create a cleaning plan that works for you. Whether you need services several times per week or just once, a reputable company can set your mind at ease.

Protect Your Most Valuable Investments

Your home is often a lifelong commitment, and as such, it deserves respect and cleanliness. It’s understandable that you have a life outside of work, but neglecting household chores can decrease property values. Simple fixes will become expensive problems in need of repair. In a similar fashion, your fixtures and flooring will greatly suffer from neglect as well as wear and tear.

Cleaning services can help ensure that your property is taken care of and your investments are safe. Regular dusting, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming can help lessen the effects and signs of aging within your home.

Breathe And Feel Better

Simply put, a clean environment means breathing in less allergens such as dust mites and pet dander. Those that suffer from respiratory ailments are especially at risk living in an unclean home. A cleaning company you can trust is guaranteed to improve your quality of life along with your indoor environment.

If requested, specialty cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly without toxins may be employed. If you have young kids or pets around the home, all the more reason to let professionals handle your cleaning needs.

You will never have the ability to clean as well as a professional company. Armed with the right tools, knowledge and expertise, they can quickly and efficiently help keep your home fresh. Should you need additional help with dusting, organizing or decluttering, many cleaning companies also offer comprehensive cleaning plans to help.

PostHeaderIcon ¿Por qué los préstamos personales sin buro son tan populares?

Es posible que no haya aprendido sobre los préstamos personales sin buro hasta hace 4 o 5 años. Sea como fuere, en 2015 hubo una explosión por obtener un préstamo personal sin buro. Para comprender lo que está sucediendo, debe regresar al inicio registrado de los préstamos personales sin buro.

¿Cuántos préstamos personales puedo obtener?

Puedes solicitar la cantidad de créditos que necesites. No hay restricciones en los casos en los que puedes moverte a este activo. A pesar de esto, se prescribe para completar la instalación del primero antes de mencionar lo siguiente. Por lo tanto, está destinado a poder recuperar efectivo y una prima. Por otro lado, le ayudará a hacer justicia de verdad, ya que su grado de confiabilidad se reducirá en el caso de que sea probable que tenga una obligación diferida.

¿Puedo obtener un préstamo personal desde mi teléfono?

En verdad, cualquier gadget es ideal para hacer su propuesta, ya que no es una aplicación de Android o iOS, pero se realiza a través del sitio web. Todo lo que necesita es una asociación de Internet, por lo que puede hacerse con un gadget que no presta atención al entorno de trabajo que está utilizando.

¿Por qué nunca he aprendido sobre los préstamos personales sin buro?

Los logros individuales existen años antes. Muchas personas no prefieren revelar la información que pidieron, porque, en general, concluyen que no tienen suficiente dinero para pagar sus gastos. Muchos se sienten avergonzados por tener obligaciones o ansias de algo que no pueden pagar legalmente, y prefieren no compartir sus circunstancias presupuestarias con sus colegas. De todos modos, se desarrolla lentamente. Hoy en día, en las comunidades informales es muy posible que sus colegas valoren los préstamos personales sin buro sin molestarlos.

¿Qué es lo mejor para los préstamos personales sin buro?

En caso de que tenga problemas de dinero, préstamos personales sin buro puede ayudarlo a determinar las circunstancias, pero no por casualidad. En cualquier caso, entienda que todo el dinero que reciba como componente de un préstamo individual debe devolverse, a pesar de la prima. Por lo tanto, el mejor será el que cumpla con sus requisitos, en el período en que realmente puede obtener efectivo para un reembolso, y el que tenga la prima más baja. Más arriba hay tres factores que se suman a la calidad inquebrantable de quien otorga el crédito.

PostHeaderIcon The Steady Steps for the Aircon Services

To ensure continuous and adequate operation of the air conditioning system, various maintenance operations are required. Some of them you can do yourself, saving on the mechanic’s visit. Below you will find information on the most frequent maintenance steps, so you can choose which ones to do yourself.

Change the filter and clean the air conditioner

Functionality of the car air conditioner

The air conditioning system must be thoroughly cleaned every two years. It is also important to replace the pollen filter. With the best in aircon repair singapore this is a very important bit now.

The pollen filter is easy to find. It is placed in a long and narrow box under the windshield. No special tools are required to open the box and insert the filter.

Cabin air filter from Bosch with a 50% discount

Before replacing the filter, disinfect and clean the ducts. There are several specialized cleaning products, including sanitizing foam and vaporizer. The sanitizing foam is sprayed directly into the fan intake ducts. The vaporizer is positioned behind the driver’s seat. Both have the advantages and disadvantages.

Disinfect with a sanitizing foam

Before disinfecting the suction ducts, the evaporator must be thoroughly dried. This component cannot be seen, you must dry it using the fan and the heating. Set the air conditioner to full power and leave the car with the engine running for 10 minutes.

Car air conditioning test Spray a generous amount of sanitizing foam on all the ducts that you can see, after opening the box of the pollen filter. Use half of the can safely.

Restart the engine and reset the fan to maximum power. Start the heating and the air conditioner. Change the fan direction every three minutes. Alternate between the areas of the feet, head and windows, and then repeat the procedure. Use the rest of the foam and clean the ducts again. Insert the new pollen filter and close the box. With the good at aircon servicing singapore the deals are perfect.

Disinfect with a vaporizer

Disinfect the car air conditioner Some manufacturers offer the simplest solutions: the internal vaporizer that must be placed on the floor behind the driver’s seat. A piece of cardboard prevents the cylinder from falling. The jet beam must be directed upwards. Start the engine, operate the fan and turn the knob to full open. Close all the windows and open the vaporizer. Close the doors from the outside and leave the fan running for twenty minutes. Remove the cardboard, the vaporizer and any residue behind the driver’s seat.

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